Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Singapore Backpackers

Before it all started, we began with planning. The plan includes for the trip, accommodation, food and transportation. Now, the trip!

It was 3 days 2 night trip.

  • Day 1: LCCT -> Changi Airport -> Bugis -> Raffles -> Little India  -> Bugis
  • Day 2: Bugis -> Habour Front -> Sentosa Island -> Harbour Front -> Bugis
  • Day 3: Bugis -> Orchard -> Bugis -> Changi Airport

We decided to stay at Bugis as the place is preferable. We stayed at ABC Backpackers Hostel which is affordable and recommendable. We budget that SGD 50 will be spent on accommodation. However, we found a cheaper place to stay, so that we got some more balance on the accommodation budget.
ABC Backpackers Hostel
          a) Near MRT (5 minutes walk)
          b) S$ 18 per night per person as we took 8 beds room.
          c) Free Wifi
          d) Got blanket and towel
          e) Free breakfast from 7.30am to 10.30am

There’s not so much on food planning. Just to make sure that the restaurant is Halal. Thus, the budget is just SGD 10 per day. Well, it depends; if we ate a lot then we have to spend much more. Haha If you want to save, you bring Maggie or bread from your place.hee

To tell the truth we 100% depends on SMRT. From my observation the fare never exceeds SGD 3. Plus, you can refund back SGD 1 when you reach the destination. Well, that’s the best part in Singapore. Haha
Okayh, now lets talk bout the journey.

DAY 1:
The flight of AK710 from LCCT to Changi Airport was at 7.25am n the morning. We took an early in the morning flight so that we can save the day to tour the places in Singapore. As the A320 touched down, we were told that the temperature was 25°C. Yeap, so I thought the weather would be just fine. As we reach Changi Airport, we took the skytrain from terminal 2 to terminal 1 as we can take MRT to Bugis from there. There’s no fee charge for the skytrain. So, we went to Bugis to find a place to stay. As we walked down the road, we found ABC Backpackers Hostel. And we decided to stay there. Huhu…the place was a nice place to stay. We were greeted well by the staffs there and enjoy our stay.

So, after check in and everything, we start the tour by having lunch at Warung Pariaman just across the street. The warung open from 7am to 2pm only. So, we ate lunch and the food was good. Not forget to mention that Tun Mahathir used to eat there as we saw his picture was hanging at the warung wall, after lunch we went to Masjid Sultan and Melayu Village to visit and snap some pics.

Then, after enough walking down there, we walked to the Bugis Village as Bugis Village is one of the must visit place in Bugis. Bugis Village is a place like Petaling Street I guess. Got so many shops and the goods were cheap.

After had enough time at Bugis Village, we took MRT to the Stamford Raffles as to see the must see merlion if we ever visit Singapore. We took the MRT from Bugis to Raffles and walk a bit to reach the Merlion. Huhu…wut a sad thing is, as we reached there, the Merlion was under renovation.wallah!! after the walk with the hot sun rays, and lastly we could only have the chance to snap with the small Merlion.hahaha Well, nevermind, we still got another big Merlion in Sentosa. The new one. And we found something abnormal there.haha a big ship on top of 3 buildings. Haha and more interesting when I got to know that there a swimming pool on the ship. Wow!

Okay, enough touring with the 35°C I guess, we went back to hostel as everyone got pain at the foot already.hehe So, after took bath and everything we took MRT to Little India. As we heard that there’s a famous shopping centre in Little India. It was Mustafa Center. Haha not so funny when we reached there everybody was frustrated. Some said we can get cheaper perfume there. Huhu actually, for us we can’t get much thing there. But maybe for things like SONY mp3, or Ipod a lot cheaper there compared to Malaysia. Okay, regardless Mustafa Centre, we more interested to City Square Shopping Mall. The stuffs of cotton-on are a bit cheaper than in Malaysia. And I found Levi’s Strauss Signature which is a new clothing brand under Levi’s. I haven’t found one in Malaysia or am I just like “katak di bawah tempurung” haha

The day end when we went back to hostel and rest.

DAY 2:
Day 2 was already reserved for Universal Studios as on our early planning. We believed that one day will not be enough to have fun there.
The trip began after having free breakfast at the hostel. In order to get to the Sentosa 
Island, we need to take monorail of Sentosa Express. So, we took MRT to Harbourfront and took the monorail in Vivo City at level 3. The monorail will stop at only four stations through the island with only SGD 3 per day. The stations are Sentosa Station, Waterfront Station, Imbiah Station and Beach Station. So, before drown ourselves in the Universal Studios, as the day is still early, we first went to the Imbiah Station to visit the another Merlion (which this one is not under construction!haha) After snap some pictures, we went straight away to the Waterfront Station for the Universal Studios until dawn.

Universal Studios Singapore! a must visit attraction place. They are just awesome. I wish to go there again….Well, someday maybe~ Lets the pics do the talking.hee but, when you talk about the weather, I would say Genting Highland is better!

We enjoy there till the last moment of it.haha The Universal Studios is officially close at 7pm. And, after giving all guts playing there, we still feel like it’s not enough. So, we took the monorail to the last station at Beach Station. Just wish to go and relax at the beach for a while before heading back to the hostel. It was just too late when we just miss the buses that tour the Sentosa Beach. Relaxing and enjoying the moment before going back to the hostel, sleep and ready for tomorrow.

DAY 3:
Today, is the last day we’re here. Shopping Day!!hee The famous place to lose the pocket weight is Orchard. Orchard is a shopping center. And there are a few shopping complex there. The prices are reasonable tho. Yeah, we found Espirit and Zara shopping center. Wallah! There it is. A heaven shopping center for the shopaholic!! After having fun there, finish out all the money left then we heading out to Changi Airport. And flew to Malaysia! 

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